The Physics Connection

glassLook around you, what do you see?
probably paper, glass, electronics, houses, clouds, stars, TV, other people, cars, dirt, animals, the sun, grass and so on…
what do you hear?
music, conversations, traffic, birds chirping, elephants making love, and so on…

These are things that have meaning in your life, you feel connected to the world by identifying and understanding and interacting with your surrounding objects and people. You gain a stronger connection if you look closer at the world, with more curiosity and more engagement.

The Idea in this blog is to feel more closely connected to the world by looking closer at its physical nature, meaning: get to know your universe.

An example of a closer look is, when you listen to music all the air in the room is dancing. With trillions of atoms moving together in a precise way in order to move the sounds into your ears, then dancing inside your ears to make you hear music, that is after your brain dances the generated electrical signals.

Similarly you can ask how does light move through glass to make it transparent, what is actually happening differently when light tries to move go through a wall. What is happening inside your brain and body when you talk to people. what is happening inside your computer. And how funking amazing is it that we are on a ball of rock going around a ball of gas that is on fire because of constant nuclear explosions.

There are obviously an endless number of things you can try to observe and understand more closely, doing that is not just fun, it also makes you feel more at home in the universe you exist in.

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