Our intuition about the world is usually useful, but in a lot of cases it is actually very wrong, in this series I will explain how our quantum world is very strange when compared to our expectations.

In this first video, I will explain our world is uncertain, and what that really implies for the nature of reality. This is demonstrated in the famous thought experiment SCHRODINGER’S CAT.

Stay tuned and as always have Fun!!

(1:03): understands the possible states that the world can be in.

(1:38): electrons can be in two states, up-state with north-pole pointing up, and down-state with north pole pointing down.

(3:32): The electron can be in a mixture of up-down states at the same time, this is the weird part in quantum mechanics, called superposition.

(4:04): SCHRODINGER’S CAT is a thought experiment demonstrating how the uncertainty of the quantum world could have big consequences, where the cat is neither dead or alive.

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