My Vision

person-thinking-rfToday is one of those day were I keep thinking about my goals for the future, it’s usually clear to me what I want to do, but my mind sometimes keeps running like crazy thinking about my mission, I guess I have a craving for more and bigger meaning in life, and it’s hard to figure out when you don’t know exactly what the world will be like in 10 years… so here is my thinking:

In Authentic happiness, psychologist Martin Seligman say that the way to a happy life is using your signature strengths as much you can on something that you believe will have a positive effect on the world. My signature strengths are love of learning, creativity, and connection. My goals combine these three strengths.

My love of learning is expressed in physics for the last 12 years. More recently I’ve been learning about artificial intelligence, machine learning, game design and virtual reality games. The reason for learning these ties in to creativity; making a game world where learners/gamers can learn cool things and interact and teach each other, and this last part is where I express my connection: find people like me who like to learn and solve problems, and make a platform where we can all learn, teach, and work on projects that are important to the world.

This not just about becoming rich, famous, successful, loved or making something that I’m proud of. These things are awesome, but meaning in my life would not be complete unless I make actual people happy, people in my social circle and outside of it. Whatever I do should deliver something to people, and make them happy, then I will be very happy.

So how do I want to accomplish this, Making games that help people understand things about physics seems like a great first step on this decades long journey, however this is not just about learning physics it’s about problem solving skills, promoting love of learning, give avenues for meaning and contributions, work on projects that make the world better while demonstrating what you’ve learned and other things like that.

I hope it’s helpful for you to hear about what I’ve been thinking about all day, I wanted to get it down on writing and online, I think my brain is calmer now, I can put my focus back to the present and get back to the fun part: PlayWork.

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