Don’t Worry, You’re Going to Die


Title might be strange to some people, a lot of people hate thinking about death (they prefer to be taken by surprise), however for me it’s always been part of my philosophy in life to remember that this thing I’m in called being alive is precious and temporary, so when I saw this video, I was very inspired.


It’s crucial to remember that all my thoughts and feelings will disappear, I will not experience emotions anymore like love for my wife and family and friends, I will not be able to work on the things I love, and I will not experience red, green, or any of the billions of possible experience that I can have in my life.

For me, a lot of my most important decisions start with this line of thinking, given that I’m going to be dead in a 100 years, what do I want to do with my life? Well I’d wanna do more of the things that I can’t do when I’m dead.

That’s having as much intense experiences as possible, so you feel extra conscious and alive. you do not want to have an easy, everything perfect life, because that doesn’t exercise your consciousness or mental effort it is very close to being dead. Heaven is what you get after you die (I think these two things in a weird way are equivalent).

The other thing this means to me is learning and understanding as much about the world as possible, and to share this knowledge and understanding with people, to contribute to the mental heritage and live on through ideas.

The third thing this means to me is to connect and be open with many people, be understood and understand people, spread happiness and the love of life and learning to as many people as I can.

The title of this post is what I usually jokingly tell my self, it reminds me not to take life too seriously but at the same time remember that it is very precious.The reason you’re still alive is because you chose to participate in life and that makes it the most awesome game ever invented ever ever!

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