The Universe Does Interesting things!


50 ktons of water, 3000 feet underground, almost 40m by 40m in size, build by thousands of humans to detect almost massless particles (neutrinos) change type from one to another as they pass through earth to the other side of the planet.

 water drop bombs<img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”*p8xO0lFIQVKuCi6yG9pMIQ.jpeg”>
Scientists trying to understand how bubbles burst by hitting them with water drops. Look at the all that complicated and beautiful stuff happening at the edge. Amazing physics like that is going around you right now! try to spot it.
 thunder volcano

Lighting with volcano, I can’t get enough of these. The material ejected from the volcano gets charged because of friction, and releases the charge as lightning.

The universe is doing amazing and complex things all the time, there is an unending number of things that you can understand and appreciate. The beginning of the universe, the centers of black holes, the formation of galaxies, the way bees dance, how water boils, where the economy comes from, history of civilization, how to manage a successful business and much more.

As we get older we usually become less interested in understanding things as when we were young, we did not know much about the “adult world” and we wanted badly to get it. Now we mistakenly and unconsciously feel like we “get it”.

The point here is that there is so much structure in the universe, and in human life that can keep your childlike wonder alive forever. And the more you understand the better your life will be, in almost every aspect.

Enjoy these perfect reflections!

perfect reflections

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