SHOW YOUR SMARTS 1 – The Magic Coin of Dragons and Clowns

Do you want to build and Show Your Smarts?
Well here is an opportunity! This SHOW YOUR SMARTS series is about improving your physics and math skills and helping you transfer those skills to real life in a super fun time way!!
In this first one we will look at probabilities in a magic coin that has a dragon on one side and a clown face on the other!

You’re walking down the street and you see a very tired looking homeless person. Because you are such a great person you decide t give him 10 dollar. As a thank you he gives you a weird looking coin that has a pink dragon on one side and a clown face on the other.

After some investigation you find that the coin is not really fair even though it looks even, which means that it give a dragon 85% of time and clown face 15% of the time.

You decide to trick and impress your friends with it. You want to flip it in front of them 4 times and have the coin give you dragon face every time.

What is the probability that it will happen? and what is the average number of dragons you get in the 4 coin toss.

This is part of a series of videos about physics and math, for you to show your smarts. A parallel series of videos about how Einstein proved the existence of atoms and all the physics that goes into that is also on this channel.

I’m doing this because I think increasing the knowledge of physics in society is an important thing. One of the most important group of people in society are people with deep technical knowledge in fields like science and engineering. In addition to knowledge in humanity side of the world. People like that can look at the world and know what will make it better and have the skill to accomplish that, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are two examples. I hope some of you will be more examples.


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