BE AN EXTREMELY AWESOME TEACHER | How to Make educational games in two days

“I’ve been waiting for someone like you my entire life.”

These are the words a teacher told me when I told her I’m making simulations and games for education. She had such a huge passion for teaching and she wanted to teach her students in the best possible way.

“visuals and interactivity are so important.”

She went to great lengths in order to be able to make interactive learning materials. She used power point presentations to make simulations. She, asked me to give her training so she can better do her job. This video is a response to that request.

Using Google, YouTube, Unity, Blender and other free to use software and assets you can pretty quickly start making little games and simulations. The one in this video for example took me a couple of days to make. It’s not a fully fledged game of course, far from it. But, when teaching I would bring this to class and ask my students to play with it. If you can design just the thing you want for this weeks lessons targeted directly to your students, wouldn’t that be great!

I really hope you watch the video, and seriously consider the possibility that you can learn how to do this, and implement it to good use. After all as I said previously in this post, learning this if nothing else will widen your space of possibilities.

I’m going to be making more tutorials on how to make games, specifically for teaching science. So stay tuned and follow my channel to get access to these for free.

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