This post is a confession. I know very little about current events, global and local. And I don’t vote, and don’t feel like it’s very important. Of course, I’m not saying that as something to brag about. You are more than welcome to tell me why it’s stupid to do that.

In this video, I lay out some of my reasons why. First, I want to stress that I’m not promoting apathy and nihilism towards the world. I think we all have a responsibility to make the world better, mostly starting from the very hard problem of making our lives better. So why am I not interested in what’s happening?

First I don’t think you need to watch the news everyday and comment and complain about it. That is an absolute waist of time, you can’t claim that you are making the world better, if you’re just complaining about what you see on the news, you can hardly claim that you are thinking for yourself in that situation. From day to day it’s just the same shit happening in different name. What you need to understand is the macro trends which you should get from smart books or smart people.

Also more important than what’s happening in the world, you need a good look at your own life. I’ve seen a lot of people who watch the news and comment on it and get really angry, when it’s obvious it doesn’t have an effect on how they should live their life. It’s also obvious in these situations that what you should be watching is your own life, put your problems and faults at the center and work on those. It’s sometimes obvious that the reason why the news is interesting is that, just like other forms of entertainment, it provides you with an escape from facing you own sh**t.

As for voting, I know that it’s important. But if it’s not a contract with the politician, what makes me sure they will do what they said they would? And can they do it? I know I should vote for the lesser of two evils. But isn’t better to spend your time spreading good and smart ideas into the world. So that the lesser of two evils becomes not so bad? And the general public become good enough to not need a ruling class to determine everything?

Watch the video for more! And be sure to follow me for more confessions!!

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