People are SELFISH and MANIPULATIVE… Except for YOU?!?


In this opinionated post I step away from physics and talk about one of my pet peeves: People who always complain about how everyone else is out for their own good. They like the idea of rich people who inherited their money from cheating parents. They also like the idea of no body caring about anybody else and nobody is responsible for anybody else’s problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the universe is filled with selfless people who want nothing but the best for you. People are usually looking for their own good. And sometimes that leads them to hurt other people. There are also people out there who are pathologically evil and want to hurt as much people as they can.

What I’m talking about here is people who preferentially focus on the negative. It hurts these people to admit that there are people out there actively trying to make the world better, instead of trying to make money. I think if you admit that, if you admit that there are amazing people out there, it puts too much responsibility on you. It’s easier if everyone was an asshole!

I call this kind of thinking Pre-excusing. You are saying that people are not trustworthy and selfish so that you don’t have to step up. You are saying that all politicians are ass holes but you are doing nothing to make the world better. In fact you are spreading negativity. This kind of thinking is the source of the bad behavior in the first place. It’s people who have a negative outlook on other people who don’t step up to spread the positivist out into the world.

When you complain in this fashion, you are the source of the negative rather than the positive side of what you are complaining about. I hope this helps you be a happier person who is a source of positivist into the world.

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