Because I’m working on developing a video game about electricity, I’ve been reading a lot about how batteries work, I want to put a level in the game that helps students understand more about batteries, and hopefully inspire them to push the boundaries of our technology in the future. The basic idea of a battery […]

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School is a Virtual World

As you look above you, you see negative ions flying towards you, pushing away the positive ones, which look just like you. The negative Ions stick to you only from certain direction, as you merge into a molecule you start moving around space bumping into the other molecules randomly, but electricity being electricity you find […]

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The Universe Does Interesting things!

50 ktons of water, 3000 feet underground, almost 40m by 40m in size, build by thousands of humans to detect almost massless particles (neutrinos) change type from one to another as they pass through earth to the other side of the planet.  <img class=”progressiveMedia-noscript js-progressiveMedia-inner” src=”*p8xO0lFIQVKuCi6yG9pMIQ.jpeg”> Scientists trying to understand how bubbles burst by hitting […]

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