I’m Grateful for humanity

I was thinking about all the resources you and I have in our lives like homes, food, access to knowledge and wisdom, internet, medicine, entertainment and economic opportunities. It kinda makes me happy to think how all of this is the result of billions and billions of humans working together all over the planet and all […]

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Why Can’t We See Atoms?

Why can’t we see atoms? It may seem obvious that we can’t see atoms, cause they’re so small. but if we had x-ray detectors in our heads then we would see them all the time. Seeing is a cool process. when light hits a flower for example it is absorbed and remitted with extra information […]

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The Physics Connection

Look around you, what do you see? probably paper, glass, electronics, houses, clouds, stars, TV, other people, cars, dirt, animals, the sun, grass and so on… what do you hear? music, conversations, traffic, birds chirping, elephants making love, and so on… These are things that have meaning in your life, you feel connected to the […]

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How to Measure the Sky

 Can you look at a star in the night sky and figure our how  far it is? How the hell can astronomers do that? Think about it. You’re sitting outside, the star is just there,  still in the night sky, what information do you have?  All  you can see is it’s light and the direction where the light  is coming from. […]

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